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Foot Zoning

Foot Zoning is an exciting modality that recognizes the ability your amazing body has to heal itself! In a foot zone we simply trigger the signals in your feet to help your body remember its innate “gift to heal”. This is done by working with energy pathways in the feet which allow your body to recognize and connect to the Perfect Blueprint that is inherent inside of you!

Foot Zone Professionals use specific techniques to trigger signals in your feet that correspond to all the different parts of your body. We follow a detailed map in each session to reach every signal in your body and do this in a specific order to get the most benefit from every foot zone. This is an amazing holistic approach to health that recognizes that your body’s parts, organs, and systems work together and function as a whole. When all of your systems are communicating efficiently with one another you have the best chance of enjoying good health!

The benefits of receiving foot zones are AMAZING! Regular tune-ups not only aid you in experiencing physical health, but also release emotional disturbances, and bring clarity to your mind and spirit. You are much more than just a physical being. In foot zoning we can access and gain information relating to your physical, emotional, mental, and energetic bodies and bring them into balance.

Who would have thought that so much information could be found in your feet! Foot Zone Professionals are able to feel imbalances and correct energy disturbances using this magnificent gift that God has instilled in you.


Foot zone therapy means information is sent to the brain and the brain makes the corrections to your entire health system.  Zone therapy is a signal or electromagnetic treatment, and it treats the body holistically rather than symptomatically as found in a reflexology treatment.  When you receive foot zone therapy, your body is treated in its entirety.


Take a step forward, and get a foot zone today


Benefits of Foot Zoning


These are some of the benefits people are experiencing through Foot Zoning:

  • Increased Overall Sense of Well-Being

  • Stronger Immune Response

  • Increased Circulation

  • Better Digestion

  • Increased Oxygen Uptake

  • Improved Sleep

  • Balancing of Hormones

  • Release of Toxins

  • More Energy

  • Relief from Pain

  • Quicker Recover from Injury

  • Rejuvenated Nervous System

  • Feelings of Peace & Relaxation

Complete Zoning Pricing

Child (0-11) Foot Zone  $25

Teen Foot Zone   $35

Adult Foot Zone $50

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