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Beth Lindhardt

Owner of EM Wellness & Spa

Life, Trauma, Strengths Coach and personal transformation coach.

As well as an intuitive wellness advocate, and Energy Healer!
Foot Zone Practitioner  (WDFZP)
Certified Reiki Master (RMT)
Certified Sound Healing Practitioner (LCE)



Foot Zoning 

The past several years have led me on an amazing journey  and as I have followed the gentle nudging's of the spirit to continue learning and developing my gifts and talents. Those nudging's led me to Foot Zoning. I found an instructor for a Foot Zone School called We Do Feet, and scheduled my first foot appointment. 

It was amazing to understand how my body and energy is connected so I enrolled to become a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner,   

From the first day of class I fell in love with Zoning and how it all works.   It is an exhilarating experience to hold someone's feet in your lap and connect with them on a spiritual level that you cannot explain.  .  

Sound healing 

While waiting for my foot zoning classes to start I was guided by the spirit to learn and study the art of tuning forks and sound healing . In doing so I have been blessed with awareness of gifts I wasn't fully aware of. Now I use these gifts to help bring the emotional energy back into alignment.   


I was introduced to a Reiki Master in my Foot Zone classes and felt draw to the energy of this healing modality and decided to add the amazing tool to my toolbelt. 

I love feeling the energy move 

Life Coaching

As an  a personal transformation coach and wellness advocate, I’m here to help you believe in yourself and identify the power inside of you. Together, we can tap into your own unique gifts and celebrate the beauty of who you are.   


I specialize in helping people identify and achieve their personal goals by addressing the issues that are causing them distress, anxiety, and stress. I’ve been successfully coaching clients and facilitating their self-growth.  Helping them to overcome past hurts and emotions, so they can move forward towards their goals.



With over 12,000 hours of classes, certifications and seminars under my belt, I help my clients break through the obstacles that are holding them back in life.


I help people create sustainable changes in their lives to become their most vibrant, fulfilled selves


Helping people find answers to healing and balancing their 

Mind, Body and Sole has become my passion!


Jeff Lindhardt

Personal Development Mentor
Transformation Life Coach
Owner: Sweetwater Construction G.C.


I met my Life Coach/Mentor in 2014 and knew that I was meant to help others. As my life started changing and as I continue to grow forward, I became passionate about helping others see where they need to change to reach their full potential and goals. I recognize the power of setting goals that are realistic and achievable, and I’m passionate about helping you reach your highest potential.


As a personal transformationand personal development Coach. I believe that everybody has potential, and if given the right guidance, can unlock the greatness within themselves.

The ability for self-healing is an inherent part of all life. The body is constantly renewing itself, getting rid of old and diseased tissues. We are not aware that this is always happening, because the body rids itself of disease so fast it appears we are remaining healthy. On the occasions when the ongoing self-healing process doesn't work, then it becomes necessary to get help from the outside. Traditionally, throughout the past five thousand years, our species has used foods and herbs for healing. We have also used the healing powers of touch.


~ William S. Eidelman, M.D. ~

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