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Super Charge Your Lymphatic System

Updated: Dec 2

Foot zoning is a super way to boost your lymphatic system. This system is safe to zone by itself and easy to do yourself. These are the many reasons why you would want to zone your lymph system.

If you are feeling toxic in any way zoning the lymph system will get the lymph moving so your body can eliminate toxins more effectively. We are exposed to so many chemicals every day. They are in the air we breathe, the ground we walk on, the food we eat, and the products we clean with. A lymphatic zone is fabulous if you have been exposed to air pollution, car exhaust, pesticides, food additives or toxic cleaning and beauty products. Click here if you would like more information about which toxic chemicals are especially important to avoid.

Muscle soreness is caused by toxins so a lymph zone can be very effective if you have over worked or over exercised. It will help you to flush out toxins, avoid soreness, and recover quickly.

If you have recently seen the dentist. Zoning will send the message to release numbness and allow damaged cells to recover after x-rays.

On the flip side, lymph becomes very stagnant for people who are bed ridden or inactive. If you have been immobile for a while you may feel tired and sluggish. The lymph is not pumped through the body like the blood, instead it moves passively in a one-way direction as lymph vessels are compressed by contraction of surrounding muscles during movement. A good lymph zone could really help you out. We have found it to be very productive in these situations.

And what about weight loss? Toxins are stored in fat surrounding body tissues. If you are trying to lose weight and not getting results, it could be that your body is just trying to protect you from all those toxins. Let’s get them moving and release them with a good foot zone… Yes.

The lymph system is a huge part of the immune system. A lymphatic zone can be very helpful if you feel illness coming on such as the cold or flu. It’s a great way to support recovery from eyes, ears or nose related issues associated with head congestion.

When we zone the lymph we also zone the signals to the skin. Zoning can be very helpful with any skin problems such as acne, cuts and bruises, and sunburn. There have been many times in my life that I have been grateful for the relief foot zoning has provided for burning, itchy, prickly skin. To reach the signals most effectively with skin issues zone lightly and go over the area several times.

A lymph zone can help you to get grounded and if you need an overall pick me up it’s a great way to boost your energy. Zoning the lymph system is a powerful and productive way to change your energy fast.

Let’s not forget the emotional issues zoning the lymph system can help with. So many emotions get stuck in the lymph. If you are feeling negative emotions, feel unstable, distraught or heavy in any way a zone may be the most relaxing and effective way to get feeling better fast. This is especially effective for children and even helps with nightmares.

Are you feeling stuck in life? Do you struggle with foggy thinking? Are you distraught from disturbing information or have you seen too many disturbing images on social media? Zone the lymph system. We have found this to be very successful in helping to let go of things that are not serving you so that you can enjoy more peace in your life. I can’t stress enough how amazing this works with children.

Never forget that the intent we have when zoning is to connect to the divine perfect blueprint which holds the pattern for complete and holistic health. Your body knows how to heal and zoning helps you to release blocked energy, eliminate ineffective pathways and support healing in every way.

Although we know that a full and complete zone is always the best way to get all the systems of the body working together and get the best results possible, I will often zone the lymphatic system when I am in a hurry and don’t have time for a full zone.

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