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Fresh & Simple Ways to Beat Depression

We all experience negative emotions in our lives. If you didn't… you wouldn't be human. It’s when these emotions get out of control that real problems occur. How would you like to take a pro-active approach to feeling your best despite the circumstances in your life?

Do you feel hopeless, helpless, irritated, angry, sad or worried more often than you care to admit? It can be a lot to deal with. All these emotions can contribute to feeling depressed. It comes in waves of not feeling quite like yourself… to the extreme of not wanting to be on this planet anymore.

Many more people are struggling with depression than you might think. If you could read the thoughts of your friend or teenager, you would be surprised with all that’s going on inside their minds. Think about it… what’s going on inside your mind that you don’t share with others?

Every day we make choices that take us somewhere. We are creatures of habit… so it’s easy to get on a track where we do the same things every day. We don’t realize the LITTLE things we can do to make a BIG difference in our lives.

How would you like to be happy and confident most of the time? It would be pretty cool, wouldn’t it? You would get more done. People would want to be around you more, listen to you and support you more. Life is always more productive when you feel good. Who doesn’t want that, right?

There are many keys to know how to get on… and stay on the right track. I have some easy and simple tools to teach you that will help you do exactly that.

Once you learn them for yourself and see how astoundingly effective and simple they are you will be an influence for good to the people around you. Those you care about and love the most.

Coaching with me I will help you process things in your past to help you heal and start the journey to happiness.


Five Minute Meditation

Meditation will help you to relieve stress. It will get you grounded, centered and balanced and increase your ability to tap into love, light and inspiration!

The Power of Music

You probably already have an idea of how powerful music can be. In this bonus class you will learn how to use music in ways you may have not thought about before to create a positive change in your attitude... or maybe even more importantly... the attitude of the people you are living with.

Bonus 2: The Power in Your Feet

Would you like to know how to use your feet to let go of trapped and hidden emotions. Yes… I did say feet! I know… I have probably got your curiosity going with this one… trust me… it works. I have used this many times. It is AMAZING! You will love learning how to use this technique for yourself.

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